Tuesday , July 14 2020
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Delaware Considers Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession for Minors

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Adult possession of marijuana is already decriminalized in Delaware, but some lawmakers want it decriminalized for minors too. Senator Trey Paradee sponsors the legislation. Those under 21 that possess or use marijuana for personal reasons would receive only a civil citation.

The legislation hopes to help minors avoid entering the criminal justice system, according to Delaware Public Media. Minor use of marijuana in public is a misdemeanor. It is also a misdemeanor for minors to use marijuana in a vehicle.

Paradee said, “We really just wanted to address those young people and make sure they don’t incur a charge that’s going to ruin their lives and perhaps prevent them from getting into college or getting student loans or being accepted into the military.”

Paradee also said, “There are still people getting arrested in this state for small possession charges so I think there’s some more work that needs to be done in this regard.”

The bill will be considered by the state’s General Assembly.