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Delaware’s Marijuana Task Force Votes to Not Release Report

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The Delaware marijuana task force was set to vote on releasing its final report Wednesday. The panel did not reach the required majority vote to release the report. Only 12 of the 25-member panel favored releasing the report.

A few members of the panel chose not to vote or were not present, Delaware Business Times reports. A long discussion took place regarding a lack of details in the report. The task force will meet again next week to discuss corrections and/or amendments to be made to the report.

Despite the failing vote, one lawmaker says that the report will be released to the state’s General Assembly anyway.

Some members of the task force thought the report was released. It wasn’t until reporters informed them of the incorrect vote tally that they were aware that the report was not released.

Deborah Gottschalk said, “I’m not sure how we counted wrong.”

Representative Helene Keeley argued that a majority vote for those in attendance was all that was required. She also argued that the vote was non-binding.

Keeley said, “There were several members who asked for an official vote to be taken. I agreed to it. I stand by my word.”

Keeley states that she never said that the vote was “merely symbolic”.

She said, “I don’t believe the question was asked.”

Regarding the purpose of the vote, Representative Steve Smyk said, “I thought it had meaning to it. If my motion failed, then they don’t have to call the meeting next week. That’s what it was for.”

Many were left confused. Keeley discussed the lack of findings and recommendations within the task force’s report. She contended that due to that lack of information that the vote didn’t require a majority of support.

Keeley determined that the report “does not meet the mandate of the resolution”.

With some pushback regarding the meeting scheduled for next week, the intention is still to release the report to necessary lawmakers.