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Delaware Advocates to Rally for ‘Global March to End Cannabis Prohibition’

Marijuana March

The Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network and Cannabis Bureau of Delaware is hosting a march. The goal of the march is to increase cannabis awareness, education and political actions hoping to advance legalization efforts. Research and information tables will be available.

Local advocates including clergy members, veterans, attorneys, a nurse and a biochemist will be speaking at the event, according to A key topic will be House Bill 110, the Delaware Marijuana Control Act. Passage would create a legal recreational marijuana industry in Delaware with low licensing fees.

Zoe Patchell of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network said, “This event aims to end the failed approach to local, federal, and international cannabis policy. The industry exists with or without legalization, leaving this lucrative ‘cash-crop’ in the hands of a dangerous illicit market is having the same disastrous effects that alcohol prohibition did, and with a $385 million budget deficit, Delaware cannot afford to wait to end this failed costly policy.”

Passage of House Bill 110 would create its own regulatory infrastructure. All marijuana-related businesses would require a license. The application fee would be up to $5,000 and a biennial fee for licensing would be $10,000.

Patchell also said, “Right now, ‘House Bill 110’ is waiting for a committee vote in the House Revenue & Finance Committee. We’re very positive and optimistic about the amount of support for this bill.”

Governor Carney is reportedly “on the fence” regarding legalization. It’s rumored that he may veto House Bill 110 if it does pass.

Patchell said that vetoing the bill would be against the will of Delawareans.

She said, “Delaware cannot afford to wait on this issue, and 61% of Delawareans support taxing and regulating cannabis like alcohol for adults 21 and older. So to ignore the super majority in the state, I think, would not be a good idea.”

Those wishing to participate in the march can gather at Surfside Park on May 6. The rally starts at 2 p.m.

Upcoming events in Delaware:

  • Delaware Citizens’ Cannabis Lobby Day 9 – May 11 at Legislative Hall at 10:30 a.m. (Majority Caucus Room)