Tuesday , June 19 2018
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Senate Candidate Lanzendorfer Is Pro Marijuana Legalization

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Delaware Libertarian Senate candidate Joseph Lanzendorfer supports legalizing marijuana. He’ll be participating in a special election for Delaware’s 10th Senate District. Lanzendorfer is from the Middletown area.

Lanzendorfer says that the War on Drugs has increased prison costs significantly, according to Delaware Online. He believes that taxing both hemp and marijuana would bring in funding for schools and other essential programs. He said, “Locking people up and ruining their lives over a plant is just ridiculous.”

He’d also work on lowering taxes for Delaware residents, which helps gain the popular vote, and is also for getting rid of some of the state’s useless regulations. He wants schools to have more power when it comes to making decisions for their districts. All of these things can happen with tax revenue from legal marijuana sales.