Friday , May 24 2019
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Cannabis Bureau of Delaware Holds Marijuana Legalization Rally in Newark

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Earlier this month, the Cannabis Bureau of Delaware hosted an informative rally calling for legal recreational marijuana. Dozens gathered in Newark in support of legalizing recreational marijuana in Delaware.

Zoe Patchell of Cannabis Bureau of Delaware stated that contacting state representatives and legislators showing support for legal marijuana may help their cause, reported Delaware Online. This was the third annual rally held by the activist group. The event host says that attendance was up this year.

Patchell said, “Cannabis prohibition is just as ineffective and problematic as alcohol prohibition and it’s causing negative consequences to our communities here in Delaware and wasting millions in resources and police manpower. Right now we have 61-percent of Delawareans that support taxing and regulating cannabis like alcohol.”

The Delaware General Assembly does widely support the taxation and regulation bill in 2017. State legislatures have to legalize marijuana, as Delaware isn’t a voter-initiative type of state.

A bill is expected to be introduced to Delaware’s General Assembly in January. Senator Henry said she’d propose a bill.

30-year Delaware resident Cynthia Ferguson said, “Cannabis is here to stay, and not only should people accept, they should realize that it is not a demon drug.”

Delaware medical marijuana patient Michael Adams said, “I think that legalizing marijuana will help all medical patients and I don’t think it is nearly as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco.”