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Delaware Patients Will Soon Be Able to Purchase from All Dispensaries

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The Delaware medical marijuana program continues to make improvements. The latest of which will allow patients to purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary in the state with the opening of Sussex and Kent dispensary locations in 2017.

Currently, the only option for patients to purchase medical marijuana is at First State Compassion Center in Wilmington, reports Cape Gazette. On November 29, a real-time registry went into effect. Patients gaining certification from anywhere in the state could purchase medical marijuana while in Wilmington completing the registration process.

Medical marijuana patient and advocate with Delaware Patient Network, Debra Nau said, “That’s the American way. Not everybody is happy shopping in the same place. As the new ones open up, I might find I like the [compassion center] in Kent County more.”

An upgraded purchase tracking system will need to be put in place, as there will be three dispensaries in the state instead of just one.

President of First State Compassion Center, Mark Lally, said, “The ability for patients to purchase at any state-licensed facility is good for the patients of Delaware.”

Columbia Care expects to open its facility in Kent County in late 2017. Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita said, “Providing patient access by allowing more choices and flexibility on where to make their purchase should be everyone’s priority.”

Nau closed her comments by saying, “[The state] knows patients aren’t necessarily happy with the option they have now. I can’t wait for Columbia Care to open their doors.”