Monday , March 18 2019
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Delaware’s Attorney General Wants to Simplify the State’s Drug Laws

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The Delaware Attorney General, Matt Denn, says that the state’s drug laws are “complicated and cumbersome” and need reworking. He also claims that the way the laws are written, leave some sentences being harsher for “arbitrary” reasons.

Denn has a carefully laid-out plan already in mind, according to Delaware Online. With simpler laws, according to Denn, law enforcement and the judicial system will have an easier time enforcing the law. Denn wants to eliminate sentencing enhancements, which currently allow for stricter sentencing in specific demographic areas of the state.

Denn said that, “It is time for us to revise our criminal drug laws to make them more simple, more fair and more logical.”

The proposed changes also include the removal of any enhancement that is illogical, such as increased sentencing for drug crimes involving vehicles, and provisions to assist drug offenders and addicts to diversion programs rather than jail time.

The last legislative session in Delaware removed the “three strikes” law. So, what that means for those charged with marijuana possession is that they’re likely to get probation before jail time. The process of simplifying the drug laws would require a complete rewrite.